Leading-edge technology

With our knowledge we can combine leather with nylon, knit and denim by mixing the various types of products. We carry out automatic doubling and cutting processes combined with the edge dye for inserts or garments of the highest precision and quality.

In addition to product research, we have expanded our fleet of machinery. Firstly, in 2021, with the purchase of a DOWN FILLING MACHINE, both for real down and flock wadding, even recycled. Then, in 2022, we made further investments in new technologies, including the introduction of a LASER CUTTING MACHINE which cuts fabrics without fraying. All of this we can do with fabric and fabric combined with leather. The third  investment is a SEAM SEALING MACHINE and carousel FUSING MACHINE for the crafting of finished seamless garments as well as simple internal parts or details for modern and innovative garments. 

Fabric & leather


ZUND cutting machine for the cutting of hand-positioned fabrics thanks to completely innovative software which enables the camera to automatically recognise the printed fabric. These new technologies have required considerable effort but our aim was to concentrate these changes during a period of significant evolution to foster ongoing innovation and provide new opportunities for our customers.

We have two ZUND cutting machines for both leather and fabric. We cut and produce printed garments of all patterns, colours or checks, using the plotter system whereby fabrics are photographed, pieces are positioned using video and each garment is then automatically cut, making sure that prints perfectly coincide in the construction phase. With automatic cutting technology, we cut and craft leather garments of the highest precision and quality.

Our fleet of machinery

Our fleet of machinery includes an edge dyer,  an eyelet machine and about fifteen sewing machines of various brands and performances, suitable both for leather and fabrics of varied thicknesses, so as to guarantee  tailoring and sewing that can meet even the most demanding customer expectations.


For real down and flock wadding, including recycled


Machine specially designed for materials such as fabric and leather


Enables us to cut fabrics without fraying


For the construction of entire seamless garments as well as simple internal parts or details


Lightweight and nylon fabrics


Medium weight and double transport


Edge dyeing machine


Heavy fabric and leather triple transport


Our products

Among our current customers we can include: Gianni Versace for men’s and women’s fabric down jackets, Balenciaga for outerwear, Alexander McQueen for fabric or fabric and leather garments and Moorer with leather down jackets or fabric/denim and leather down jackets, Fabiana Filippi for garments in leather and sheepskin and Ralph Lauren for knitwear and leather plus other clients such as Vivienne Westwood and Jil Sander.

Sustainability for Prandina

We are very attentive to environmental sustainability, which is why we have obtained ISO 14001 certification.

We continually seek new solutions and procedures that can reduce the environmental impact of our activities.