We provide customers with an “all inclusive” service.  

Fabric manufacturers often don’t have enough time to research  the raw materials that are most suited to their needs.

We work alongside them by suggesting leather types that are most suited to our customers’ needs.  

Thanks to the model design performed by our internal pattern makers with CAD-CAM programmes/software, we transform your ideas into reality.  

We can supply to our customers garments/items which are FULLY FINISHED with zippers, buttons, wool edging, down, linings and other finishes.

Finished garment

Down jackets

Our company has many years of experience as a manufacturer of down jackets and fabric outerwear for fashion brands and premium lines. We know all types of real and eco down, as well as the techniques and technologies related to this product.
From leather to fabric, we often combine materials from different origins in our garments. 

Among our most important customers:  

MOORER, for down jackets and leather garments, and VERSACE  women’s premium line for outerwear and down jackets. 

Leather and knitwear

We produce leather and knitwear garments for Ralph Lauren. We can offer products which are particularly unusual and challenging due to a combination of very different materials.  

We collaborate with a local knitwear factory for an ongoing exchange of ideas on this kind of product which requires significant coordination, especially in relation to pattern making. 


We cut and produce printed garments  of all patterns and colours or checks.

Using the ZUND plotter system, fabrics are photographed, pieces are positioned using video and then each garment is automatically cut, making sure that prints perfectly coincide in the construction phase.

Seam-sealed and adhesive bonded garments

We have three MACPI machines for laser cutting, carousel adhesive bonding  and seam sealing of seamless garments or for some internal parts and details which help in the creation of innovative and modern garments.


Since 2014 Prandina & co and Work Studio have been collaborating on the research and manufacture of denim trousers and outerwear including down jackets. We have united our deep knowledge and expertise in the production of leather and fabric garments with the processing, washing and research of denim items, combining two different philosophies for an innovative luxury product”. Our aim is to provide you with finished garments ready to be marketed according to your style and product needs. We work with a range of fabric types and washes, including “natural” garment dyeing.

Sustainability for Prandina

We are very attentive to environmental sustainability, which is why we have obtained ISO 14001 certification.

We continually seek new solutions and procedures that can reduce the environmental impact of our activities.